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Dominant for fixed media electronics (2014) 3'47"

Dominant is a brief work that explores a particularly poignant chord found near the end of J. S. Bach’s Sinfonia No. 11, BWV 797.


Time Passed for fixed media electronics (2007) 5'35"

Time Passed was commissioned by the University of Illinois Experimental Music Studios in commemoration of its 50th anniversary celebration.  As I began to conceptualize the piece, I decided to revisit each of the compositions I created in the Experimental Music Studios between 2001-2007 and incorporate select samples from these pieces into the new commissioned work.  This process naturally led me to reflect on my time at the University of Illinois and reminisce about wonderful colleagues, great music, and good times.  This piece is dedicated to my friends from Champaign-Urbana, whose impact is even more apparent now that I’m away.   


Drift for fixed media electronics (2003) 8'00"

Drift is a sonic journey through diverse sound worlds, each distinguished by material and apparent space.  At times the transition from one to another is abrupt and the differences are stark. At other moments, the sound worlds are gradually developed, layered, and morphed into one another until it is impossible to know which exists at any moment.  Drift was composed in the University of Illinois Experimental Music Studios. 


Metalission for fixed media electronics (2002) 6'30"

Metalission involves the morphing of one sound type to another: short, pointillistic material moving toward long sustained tones. At the beginning of the work, these two sound types are presented as separate entities. As the piece progresses, the pointillistic sounds become more and more vehement in their striving to become the sustained tones. The sustained tones continually attempt to resist this change. Eventually these two sound types collide to produce a mass of sound that exhibits aspects of both. Metalission was composed and realized at the University of Illinois Experimental Music Studios.


dem darn ducks for fixed media electronics (1999) 5'30"

dem darn ducks, my first electronic music composition, is created entirely from the manipulation recorded sounds including oboe honks and clicks, live ducks, and a wonderful imitation of a duck. The listener may notice the striking similarity between the sound of an oboe and that of a duck. The piece is warmly dedicated to my wife Amy and her studio of beginning oboists.