Swirling Sea

euphonium and fixed media electronics

duration 7'30"

While working on Swirling Sea in 2005, the sounds and textures of the electronic part called to mind images of the ocean: from the calm ebb and flow of waves on the beach, to the lonely cries of seagulls, to powerful and menacing ocean squalls. Swirling Sea was commissioned by Ken Steinsultz who gave its premiere on January 21, 2006. Many of the sounds in the electronic part are derived from recordings of Dr. Steinsultz playing the euphonium. These recordings, along with some additional, contrasting sounds, were shaped and processed on the computer through pitch shifting, time stretching, filtering, layering, time delay, and other procedures.


Ken Steinsultz, euphonium. Recorded at the University of Illinois Experimental Music Studios. 

Score Preview



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