When Galaxies Collide

large percussion ensemble (12 players)

duration 11'30”

When Galaxies Collide (2018) is inspired by ideas related to the birth, evolution, and demise of galaxies. The composition musically depicts various sources including stunning pictures from the Hubble and James Webb space telescopes, mesmerizing supercomputer simulations from NASA, and theories on galaxy formation and collisions. When Galaxies Collide was composed for the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Percussion Ensemble, directed by Dr. Alison Shaw, with the generous support of a University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Faculty Development Grant.

Instruments required for each part:

  1. glockenspiel/percussion: glockenspiel, cow bell (or brake drum)

  2. xylophone/percussion: xylophone, higher suspended cymbal, rain stick, egg shaker, 2 crystal glasses tuned to F and A

  3. vibraphone 1

  4. vibraphone 2/marimba: vibraphone, share 5-octave marimba with marimba 3

  5. marimba 1 (four-octave)

  6. marimba 2 (four-octave)

  7. marimba 3 (five-octave)

  8. 4 timpani

  9. percussion 1: snare drum, 3 tom-toms, shaker, higher and lower brake drums, vibraslap (mounted), 2 crystal glasses tuned to F# and C#

  10. percussion 2: lower suspended cymbal, higher suspended cymbal, Chinese cymbal, splash cymbal

  11. percussion 3: tam-tam, bongos, larger triangle, maraca, cabasa, ocean drum

  12. percussion 4: bass drum, tambourine, 5 temple blocks, smaller triangle, wind chimes

Score Preview



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